Wednesday, January 25, 2017

        "Dawn at Emberwilde" by Sarah Ladd is set in England in 1817.  Isabel is a teacher at a strict school. She is also the caretaker of Lizzie, her younger sister, since their parents are no longer living.
         Suddenly one day she is summoned to Emberwilde to live with relatives (aunt, uncle, and cousin) that she did not know she had.  Emberwilde is a beautiful, sprawling estate next to a forest with rumors of sinister activities there.

        Her aunt wants her to marry Edmund Bradford, who is head of a school in the area.  But Isabel's eyes are on Colin Galloway, a neighbor and magistrate.  He is intent on finding a smuggling gang who seem to be up to great mischief in the forest.

        Who is the head of the gang?  Can they be stopped?  Will Isabel marry the man of her dreams?

        Come and see!

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