Monday, January 23, 2017

Queen Sugar vs TV Series

                           “A mother-daughter story of reinvention-----about an African
          American woman who unexpectedly inherits a sugarcane farm in Louisiana.”

Queen Sugar, is a great novel written by Natalie Baszile.  The focus of the novel is Charley Bordelon who inherited eight hundred acres of sugarcane land from her late father in Louisiana.  Charley and her daughter (Micah) moved from Los Angeles to rural Louisiana to live in a house with her grandmother.   Charley arrived in Louisiana just in time for planting season. It was an overwhelming challenge for Charley, and her daughter as well as for her troubled brother (Ralph Angle).
The book Queen Sugar is very different from the TV Series.  According to the TV Series, Charley's father left the eight hundred acres to all three of his children.  In the TV Series Charley has a sister, (Nova) and a brother (Ralph Angel).  Also, Remy is a black farmer and a college professor.  In the book he is a white man.  Most of the characters in the book are different than the ones  in the TV Series.  This book is enjoyable that I highly recommend reading.

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