Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Recommendation!


      I have just completed reading another best seller by popular author, Mary Higgins Clark.  "As Time Goes By" is a riveting novel of suspense, murder, and love.
       Delaney Wright is a news anchor covering the trial of Betsy Grant, who is accused of murdering her wealthy husband,  a successful doctor.  She refuses to take a plea deal as she maintains her innocence.

       Delaney was adopted at birth and desperately wants to find her birth mother.  Her friends decide to help her but when they uncover information, they have second thoughts about revealing what they found!

       In the meantime, Betsy's stepson has plenty of reasons to kill his father, but so do Dr. Grant's former partners. To add to the mystery, a burglar shows up with additional information and deepens the plot.

       Will the truth be exposed?

        Come and see!

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