Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Recommendation

     Welcome back to Northwest!  Hope your holidays were awesome!

      Your DeSoto Center Library is ready to supply you with interesting books to read in your spare time.  Here is a synopsis of a real page-turner you may enjoy!                                                            

       "Cast Into Doubt" by Patricia MacDonald introduces us to Shelby Sloan, a businesswoman who raised her only child alone and adores her.  As a surprise, she gives her daughter, Chloe, and her son-in-law, Rob, a gift of a cruise and welcomes the opportunity to take care of her four year old grandson.

        But life takes a tragic direction when she learns that her daughter has disappeared from the cruise ship!  She is distraught and gets no answers from the police, who finally conclude that Chloe fell overboard, and they call off the search.  Shelby does not accept this and proceeds on her own to find out what happened.  In doing so, she uncovers many secrets, which result in her nearly being killed.  What happened to Chloe and why?

       Come and see!

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