Tuesday, December 15, 2015

          Here it is, the end of the semester and a time for stressed out students studying for finals. The library plays multiple roles in helping students prepare for this dreaded week of tests and final projects.  First are the two most obvious roles—study space and books and electronic resources.  We have study space to accommodate all students—a quiet room, more open spaces, and several group study rooms—there is something to meet everyone’s study needs.  But, we do such much more here at NWCC. 

          We decorate for the holidays to make a more welcoming and inviting place.  It also can provide a bit of holiday cheer and spirit booster during what can be a very stressful time.

Best repurposing ever of a stool!

A nice tree, a warm fire, and a good book!  Does life get any better?

          We also provide opportunities for study breaks.  There is a table of board and card games and color sheets for tired students needing to think about something else (anything else, really) besides the ancient Romans, Edgar Allan Poe, or an essay on vaccination laws.  There is also a graffiti wall where students can express their frustrations about finals. The library provides a bit of fun, relaxation, and a break from the “real world” of studying!




          Finally, the NWCC library is also a place for food!  We provide a snack cart with juices, coffee, breakfast bars, cookies, chips, nuts, and other snacks.  There is something for every taste.  Many students become so stressed with studying that they don’t take time to eat.  We make sure that they have the opportunity to nourish their bodies, as well as their minds.

         The library has always been more than books and computers and study space.  It is librarians working and caring for patrons and ensuring that they have not just a place to study or a book or other resource to use, but also a place where they feel welcome and where they are cared for and about and supported.

 Wishing everyone a safe and joyful holiday season! 

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