Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Recommendation

     "Come Rain or Come Shine," a Mitford novel by Jan Karon is a heart-warming tale of country folks and their friends.  Lace and Dooley are getting married.  Each of them have adoptive parents who adore them, and their many friends are very supportive.  Weddings are expensive so it was decided that they would have a pot luck meal supplied by friends and family!  Tables are set up in the barn (in case of rain) and everyone is warned to "watch where you step" as many dogs, chickens, cows, and horses occupy the area.
     Many stories are revealed about those who attend the wedding--some with happy endings and some with not-so-happy endings.  However, some of their stories are quite humorous, as are some of the situations that occur.

     Lace and Dooley are hoping to adopt a little four year old boy who has been living with a relative who did not really want him.  On the wedding day a big surprise arrived!  The little boy appeared at the door and immediately became a part of the wedding and Lace and Dooley happily welcome him into their home.

     Will all the wedding attendees go home with happy hearts?

     Come and see!

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