Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Recommendation

     A recent addition to your library is a book by Robin Lee Hatcher called "Love Without End."  It is a story of two brokenhearted single parents who are thrown together almost by accident.  Kimberly lost her husband due to a fatal heart attack and Chet's oldest child was killed in an accident.  As a result, his wife divorced him, leaving him to raise their two remaining boys alone.  Both  Kimberly and Chet are devastated at the turn their lives have taken.

     Kimberly brings her daughter to "cowboy country" where her girl friend of years ago offers her a home.  She can't wait to return to the city, but is unable to find employment there.  Chet hires her part-time to help on the farm since her daughter loves farm life!

     Suddenly a friend from the city offers her a dream job--exactly what she wants!  But she and Chet find they have deep feelings for each other.  Will she accept the job and leave the mountains behind to follow her dream job or will she follow her heart?

     Come and see!

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