Monday, October 19, 2015



Today, we live in a technological society where books and movies are accessible to many readers.  Have you asked yourself, “Which is better, books or movies?”  This might be a serious debate for various book lovers and movie goers.  Today, we can have any book or movie at our fingertips in minutes.  Did you know that most people still read the book before they decide to watch the movie?  There are some book lovers who read the book because they can not wait for the book to be made into a movie.   On the other hand, the movie goers stated that the movies were easier to understand and the book was brought to real life because of the setting, characters, music, and voices.   According to Barnes and Noble, “Filmmakers, consider this your cheat sheet for bringing book-based movies more up to snuff.”

“Why do you think the book is usually better than the movie? Can you think of any exceptions to the rule?”

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