Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Possibly....the next big thing

For whatever reason, whether it be the cover of this book or the fact that it is slightly larger(more pages) than some other books, people kept asking me about this book while I was reading it. My response, " Think twilight, but instead of vampire and werewolves, teenagers who can kill people with their mind and also heal people." But one person cannot do both, of course.

Mara Dyer was in a terrible accident. She and her friends were exploring an insane asylum in town at night when the whole building came crashing down. Her best friend along with her now "ex-boyfriend" and his sister all died.

Now, to escape from bouts of PTSD, she and her family have moved to sunny Miami. But things keep happening. Strange things. Things that involve death. Mara walks by a house before school and sees a dog that has been chained up and abused. It makes her so angry. She walks back by the house after school to save the dog only to find the dog's owner dead. The same thing happens to her horribly mean Spanish teacher. Dead. These events continue to happen. Again and again. Until one day, Mara realizes she has envisioned each and every one of these people dead. Is she the reason they are all dying? Does she have such powers?

She thinks she is going crazy and feels that way until she meets Noah. Noah becomes her person. He understands her; he makes her feel safe. But Mara is afraid she is going to hurt him. And almost does. What will she have to do to keep him and her family safe?

There's a lot going on this book. But it's good. A little different than some of the other series out right now. I would give it 3 1/2 stars. It didn't hook me completely, but I did want to keep reading from beginning to end.

Come checkout The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin today and find your new favorite trilogy.

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