Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Orange is the New Black

It's all the rage on Netflix right now, but have you read the book? Did you know it was a book? Orange is the New Black is the personal experience of Piper Kerman and the year she spent in a women's prison in Danbury Connecticut.

Piper is the daughter of two teachers and a graduate of Smith College. After she graduates college, she feels like she needs an adventure. That's when she meets up with Nora, who doesn't bother to hide that she's in the drug business. Nora asks her to travel the country with her and Piper quickly accepts. Piper isn't involved with drugs smuggling, she's just along for the ride.

But she can only hang out for so long before Nora expects her to pull her weight. That's when Piper decides to hit the road and start living the straight and narrow: a job producing and a nice, down to earth boyfriend. Life is good, until the Feds show up at her door. Turns out Nora's drug ring got busted and Piper got ratted out in the process. That is how Piper end up spending thirteen long month in prison.

Through Piper's eyes we are able to see a group of women who have been discarded by society. But  they come together in unexpected way to form their own family and make life as normal as possible while in prison. Orange is the New Black is definitely a heart warming story where you least expect to find one.

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