Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rivers by Michael Farris Smith

Imagine this:

Catastrophic hurricanes have been hitting the Gulf Coast for years. The government has decided to draw a new border on the United States. Anyone who lives below the line will no longer be protected by the government or law enforcement.

What would you do? Would you leave the only home you have ever known? Or stay behind and try to weather the storm?

That is exactly the decision that has to be made in Michael Farris Smith's new novel, Rivers. Cohen can't imagine leaving the home her and his wife shared for so many years. But once Cohen's home is ransacked, he must make the decision: stay or go? Before he can leave, he is kidnapped by Aggie who is holding other women and children captive. Cohen manages to escape Aggie and release the people he holds captive. Now, he has another decision to make: make a new home with the people he now leads or try to get them all safely to The Line?

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