Wednesday, April 12, 2017

An Interesting Read!

          "Damaged" by Lisa Scottoline is a new book in your library.  Unexpectedly, it is an interesting  thriller with lots of twists and turns!

          Mary is a partner in a law firm who takes a sad case involving a ten-year-old boy, who is dyslexic, bullied, and is molested by a teacher aide.  Additionally, he has never learned to read and is in the fifth grade.  He has obviously "fallen through the cracks" in this school!

          The teacher aide quits his job and promptly sues Patrick for allegedly attacking him!  Patrick lives with his grandfather, Edward, who supposedly is his only living relative.  Edward suddenly dies unexpectedly and Patrick is accused of killing him!  Edward is believed to have left his grandson a sizable inheritance and greedy lawyers converge upon the scene to cash in.

          Mary is desperate to  help this little boy and is eventually appointed as his guardian.  Her wedding to Anthony is rapidly approaching and Anthony has indicated he doesn't want to share in caring for Patrick.  What is Mary to do?

          All at once a person who was thought dead appears on the scene!  How will this impact Patrick and Mary?  

          Come and see!

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