Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An Interesting Book!


              "The Wedding Dress" by Rachel Hauck is hard to put down once one has started reading it!    The book begins in present day times by introducing us to Charlotte, who owns a bridal shop and is     currently engaged to be married to Tim.  Charlotte attends an auction and ends up bidding on and        getting an old trunk.  It is sealed shut, but eventually she gets it open, only to find a beautiful and        very well-preserved wedding dress.

                 She determines to research the story of this dress, and learns the 1912 story of Emily, the         1939 story of Mary Grace, and the 1968 story of Hillary.  Here we follow the 100-year-old story          of the dress and these ladies.

                  Even though Charlotte is enthralled with unraveling the story of the beautiful dress, she
      never plans to wear it because she has broken her engagement to Tim!

                   Will they reconnect?

                    Come and see!        

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