Wednesday, January 18, 2017



     The Heiress of Winterwood by Sarah Ladd is set in England in 1814.  It is the story of Amelia Barrett whose dying friend, Katherine, has just had a baby and begs Amelia to take care of the child at her death,  Amelia agrees, as Katherine's husband is captain of a ship and rarely home.

      Amelia is an heiress to an estate, and due to that fact, Edward, an unsavory type, wants her to marry him ,but he refuses to let her keep the baby.  She rejects his offer of marriage, even though her family (aunt, uncle, and cousin) encourage her to accept his proposal.

      Eventually, Captain Graham Sterling, Katherine's husband (now a widower) returns home and Amelia finally meets him.  Of all things, she proposes marriage to him!  He is taken aback, but later agrees to marry her for the sake of his daughter.  He assures her he does not want her money, though she pledges to use it to help him.

      There are devious plots afoot!

       Will they ever fall in love; will they marry; will it last?

        Come and see!

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