Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another Good Book!

       "When Love Arrives" by Johnnie Alexander is a new book in your library.  It is interesting and heart-warming!

        Neither Dani Prescott nor Brett Somers has had a happy upbringing.  Brett is a rich guy who plays the field and then dumps the girls.  Dani has very little money and isn't interested in the dating game.

        But when she learns that he blames her mother, who piloted the plane that crashed, killing his parents, she begins to stalk him to get revenge.  She is determined to make him pay for the lie that he had perpetrated concerning her mother.  After all, her mother died in that crash, too!

        He catches her taking pictures of him outside of a hospital as he anxiously watches a certain window of the hospital.  Why is he doing that?  Her interest in him grows as he obviously has a secret that she must learn.  He, however, must learn more about this mystery woman!

        They are both hiding something!  What will happen when they confront each other?

        Come and see!

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