Monday, May 2, 2016

National Library Week
We celebrated National Library Week with a student poetry contest (April is also National Poetry Month), a book cover art design contest, and doughnuts for the NWCC faculty and staff (donut worry, by happy; life is always better with a doughnut). 


We had many entries that were judged by NWCC faculty, students, and staff.  Everyone who came to the "doughnut" day was given one entry for a door prize of $20.  Those who agreed to judge the poetry contest were given an additional entry. 

 Let the Judging Begin

Door prize winner, Dorothy Lipford
The first place winner, Rachel Bullard, received a $35 cash prize for  her poem, "Dragon" and the second place winner, Cory "Shaggy" McClure, received a $25 cash prize for his poem "The Evil Deeds."  See below to read their poems.
Rachel Bullard beside her prize-winning poem.
2nd place winner Cory McClure

Titles entered into the book cover art competition included the Red Queen, Pet Sematary, the Hobbit, and Oink-a-Doodle-Moo.

 And the winner of the book art contest, Allen Brewer, for Pet Sematary


It was a wonderful week of libraries transforming with our NWCC family!
by Rachel Bullard
I used to want to be your knight
Riding forth with armor ablaze
To swoop in and slay your dragon
And kill the pain that haunts your days
Please tell me who has broken you
Your soul and body are shredded
Let me protect and help you heal
Point where our enemy headed
Confound it all, this knight’s heart breaks
T’was you – your needle, knife, and gun
You won’t stop and I can’t save you
Because you, dear, are the dragon.
"The evil deeds"
by: Cory "Shaggy" McClure

The evil deeds I've done
We all have one
The evil deeds I've done
I relive every night in my dreams
The evil deeds I've done
No matter how far I run
The evil deeds I've done
I can never escape from
The evil deeds I've done
The evil deeds I've done are quite the evil deeds indeed
The evil deeds I've done
It will not consume me
The evil deeds I've done
It will not shape me
The evil deeds I've done
I will not be
The evil deeds I've done

NWCC truly has some of the most talented students in the state!


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