Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A New Novel!

       "The Choice" is a new heart-warming story in your library written by Nicholas Sparks!  He always delivers a tale worth telling and this one is no exception!  As many of his books have become
major motion pictures, this one has also been adapted into a movie.

       Travis is a veterinarian who lives next door to Gabby, a professional in the medical field at the hospital.  Each of them owns a dog to adore which brings them closer.  Gabby has a boy friend who is not ready to commit to marriage, but she thinks that Travis is off-limits to her.  He, however, thinks otherwise!

       They do fall in love, marry, have two little girls and then the unthinkable happens!  Now after ten years Travis has an extremely difficult decision to  make!

       Will he make the right choice?

       Come and see!

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