Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ten ways your library can help you.

Top 10 Ways Your College Library Can Help You By Courtney Bruch September 19, 2011 3 Use-your-college-library A recent two-year, five-campus ethnographic college library study examined how students view and use their campus libraries. Unfortunately, the study results revealed students rarely ask librarians for help, even when they need it. If you are new to college or are coming back, this Top 10 list will help you understand what your college library can do to help support you in your college classes and coursework. 10) Reserve Materials Reserve materials are those things faculty set aside in the library so that many students can share class materials. Your assignments may require you to read materials on reserve at the Library. 9) Study Spaces Most academic libraries have quiet rooms with tables and comfy chairs. Make use of these areas to study or work with groups on projects. 8) Internet Most academic libraries provide desktop computers and printers. You can take advantage of these free resources. Many libraries also have wi-fi to get connected on your own laptop or smartphone. 7) Hole punchers In addition to hole punchers, your campus library can provide you with last minute project needs like staplers, scissors, tape, and pencil sharpeners. 6) Credible Information Librarians acquire materials for and deselect materials from the collection in order to keep resources current, relevant and credible. 5) Books!! Sometimes the answer is NOT online. 4) Movies Some academic libraries collect popular movies and/or music in addition to educational videos and documentaries. 3) Foreign sources of information You need a book that’s only in Canada or an article from the Denver Public Library? The library will borrow material for you from another library! 2) Information operatives (a.k.a. librarians) Do you need to find out about Marmota flaviventris? Who in the world is Michael Pollan? We’re here to help you find valid information, quickly. 1) And, the #1 reason you should use the library… Librarians actually ENJOY tracking down information and we want to help you with your information needs! What did we mi - See more at: http://blog.frontrange.edu/2011/09/19/top-10-ways-your-college-library-can-help-you/#sthash.x2FNIOx3.dpuf

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