Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Let's get ready to enjoy spring!

Now that the weather is warm, Go Out and Play and discover the many activities you can only do outside!


  • Spring means the return of birds, flowers and new babies! Have you seen any new birds in your neighborhood? See how many birds you can find with this handy checklist. Can't find birds outside yet? Try coding a game with Flappy Bird.
  • If you think coding can only happen indoors, play the If-Then Backyard game—no computer or app required. Or you can come to the library and learn robotics with Bee-BotsRover bots or littleBits circuits.
  • You may have played hide and seek, but have you ever played Spud? Here are some other classic outdoor games you can play now that it's warm.
  • Everything is coming up green! Try your hand at planting by making a seed ball for your backyard or neighborhood.
  • Plants need lots of sun and rain to grow. Chart the Earth's rotation around the sun by making a shadow plot to determine your own geographic north. Learn the science behind clouds and make it rain in your house!


The Brinson Foundation logoThe Spring Learning Challenge is made possible by a generous grant from The Brinson Foundation through the Chicago Public Library Foundation.

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