Friday, February 5, 2016

Hearts, Black History Month, and Valentine’s Day @ the Library


February is Go Red for Women/Heart month, Black History Month, and, of course, Valentine’s Day!  At the Senatobia campus library, we are versatile enough to celebrate all three.  For heart month, we have a special display of books promoting heart health and have planned a program on nutrition and healthy lifestyle for February 24th at 2:00.  The program will be open to all of the NWCC community.  In addition, you can take a short quiz on heart health and be entered to win a door prize at the end of the month.

Be a heart saver, not a heart breaker!
To celebrate Black History Month, the library is sponsoring “Celebrating Black History Month through Literature.”  On February 4, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., NWCC faculty and staff are invited to come and pose for a picture with their favorite book by an African-American author.  The pictures will be displayed in the library throughout the month.
Come check out these great works by African-American authors!
And last. . . you know we can’t go without celebrating love!  So, you ask, what is the library doing for Valentine’s Day??? The answer is, lots of things.  Next week (February 8-12), we are having a blind date activity.  Books from different genres are wrapped up tightly that you won’t know what you’ve got until you get home with it!  Come and have a mystery date with one (or more of our books).

Melissa and her true loves!

Best library pick up line yet! 

You also have the chance to tell us what you love about the library.  We will be providing post-it notes on which you can express your love for the library, and if you choose, you can express your love in a short video clip which will be displayed on our Facebook page. 
Tell us your love story in 10 words!  We are having a contest where you tell us your love story in exactly 10 words!  You can e-mail your love story to Courtney Hicks at or tweet it to the library’s account @nwcc_library.
Tell us a love story!
Finally, the Ranger Book Club is selling chocolate roses for $1.00.  Call or e-mail Courtney Hicks at 3278 and she’ll get your chocolate fix on!
Our library roses!
February is a great month to be @ your library!  Come see us and have a heart, a book, and a rose (and a smile)!


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