Wednesday, October 7, 2015

     Another new book in your DeSoto Center Library is "Love Letters" by Debbie Macomber, best-selling author of the Cedar Cove Series.  The story is set in Cedar Cove at the Rose Harbor Inn, owned by a young widow whose husband was recently killed in the service of his country.

     The inn is charming and many come for week-end stays or longer.  Two of the guests in this story chose a week-end getaway to help mend their marriage.  To begin with, it seems to be working, but things take an unexpected turn.  Another guest has come to meet "the man of her dreams" whom she met online.  He seems to be nice, but her mother is frantic that she may be making a hasty decision in travelling to meet him.

     The owner of the inn is also curious about her handyman who is very secretive about his past.  Is he hiding something?  Will the guests at the inn find the happiness they seek?

     Come and see!

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