Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Recommendation

          Though it is not a recent addition to your library, this book definitely held my attention.  "Total Control" by David Baldacci is a fast-paced page-turner full of twists and turns.  A story of intrigue and mystifying events, it is hard to put down!

            Sidney and Jeff Archer are on top of the world.  She is a successful lawyer and he is a rising star with a leading technology conglomerate.  He tells his wife that he is flying to Las Angeles on business, but when the plane crashes, killing all aboard, his "widow" learns that he was not ever on it!  However, a very important federal executive was!  Jeff has a lot of explaining to do, as funds from his company seem to be missing, and he is nowhere to be found.  Meanwhile, Sidney is implicated due to his suspicious behavior, plus several people are murdered!

            Is there a connection between the fatal plane crash and the disappearance of Jeff and megabucks?

             Come and see!

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