Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Recommendation

     Though this book is not a new book in the library (it was published in 2000), it is an interesting life story of a famous singer/actor.  "My Father's Daughter," written by Tina Sinatra, is an insight into the man, Frank Sinatra.  He became an icon in the 1930's and remained popular until his death in 1998.  Many thrilled to the songs he sang and even to the movie roles he played.

     However, though he seemingly never lost his love for his wife, he left the family after their three children were born in order to pursue his career.  He still spent time with them though he remarried three times.  He was always ready to be at their sides, even when Frankie, Jr. was kidnapped, but was unable to connect with the children as a devoted father.

     The youngest child, Tina, wrote this book to let the public meet the man who was her father--to see him as he truly was--always supportive of them, but unable to show genuine love for them.  However, the world loved him!  Do you think it was enough?

     Come and see!

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