Friday, September 18, 2015

Me before You AND After You

Last fall, Reading Roundtable read Me Before You.

 It was the story of Louisa, a young woman on a path to find out who she is  and where she wants to go in life. After loosing her job at a bakery, Louisa takes a job assisting a young man who is a paraplegic, Will. Will doesn't see that there is anything left to enjoy in life, all while Louisa is trying to show him each day. Eventually they fall in love, but will has other plans for his life, other than living happily ever after.

This was a group favorite, which is VERY rare.

Did you read this books? Did you love it? Well, great news! Now, there's a sequel coming out in October. Louisa is still grieving from the loss of Will and still feeling lost-until new romance comes along. If you would like to read it, just let us know.

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