Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year's Resolution Redux

New Year's Resolution Check-In! It is almost February. How have you been doing in keeping your New Year's Resolution?

Let library staff know if we can show you any resources that will help you to keep your resolution throughout the year. Depending on your resolution, we may be able to recommend books, videos, and websites that can help you keep on track.

Didn't make a resolution? It is not too late to start off the year right! If you want to set a goal for the year, go ahead and do it. You can come to the Senatobia LRC and post your New Year's Resolution until the end of January. We also have a resolution randomizer where you can obtain a random resolution for the year.

Some of the resolutions that have been contributed by library-goers are to be awesome and to read more. Those are both worthy goals!

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