Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Videos Added to Films on Demand!

Films on Demand has added many new videos to their collection. 

You can watch these videos from your computer, make playlists of specific film segments, and obtain citations for these videos in MLA and APA format. What's not to love? Contact us if you need help with these features!

Just a small sample of the new videos: 

Skills for Answering Questions: Job Interview Success Series 
Even the best-prepared applicants can find themselves at a loss when answering some interview questions. This episode shows how to give winning response to tough questions, and how to weave your strengths and sell yourself with your answers including behavior based scenario questions. Part of the series Job Interview Success Series. (16 minutes)

There's No 3G in Heaven: Addressing Teen Suicide
What happens when a community is rocked by a series of suicides, all of them young people? Should the families mourn in private lest the publicity encourage even more students to take their own lives? Or is it true that since the advent of social media nothing is private anyway? This important program tells the story of an Australian community that, after a string of teen suicides, held a public meeting to allow the victims’ loved ones to share their experiences and discuss ways to prevent such tragedies in the future. Footage from the meeting lends poignant insight into the shortcomings of mental health services in addressing adolescent depression; the point is made that breaking the silence about suicide—and harnessing the potential of social media as part of a prevention strategy—may be the best way to vanquish this enemy. Some language may be offensive. (43 minutes)

A Day in the Life of the American Gun
In the aftermath of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, the gun debate has divided the country yet again. This ABC News Nightline special edition looks at both sides of the argument. From violent street shootings in Philadelphia and Chicago, to rural Utah where the Butler family carries on a cherished family tradition of game hunting with high-power rifles, to a Dallas shooting range that has a packed Ladies Night. Can Americans find common ground in this debate? Can we live by the gun without dying by the gun? Broadcast date: December 20, 2012. (17 minutes)

The video descriptions are from the Films on Demand video catalog.

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