Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Titles

Chain Lightning

Strangers in paradise . . . - Mandy Blythe is only scared of three things: water, boats, and planes. So she's not best pleased when her interfering boss tricks her into taking an Australian vacation in the company of the womanizing Damon Sutter, who's left a string of broken hearts across several continents. Damon just wants to explore the Great Barrier Reef and keep his association with Mandy strictly business. But the tropics are a different world, and paradise is only a heartbeat away . . .

The Puppy That Came for Christmas: How a Dog Brought One Family the Gift of Joy

All Megan Rix ever wanted was a baby. Yet, month after month, Megan's dreams were dashed. Would her life ever feel complete? Megan and her husband, Ian, found a surprising answer when they began training golden retriever pups to become service dogs for people with disabilities.

I Didn't Ask to Be Born (But I'm Glad I Was)

The world's most beloved funnyman is back with his first humor book since the bestselling "Cosbyology." In this hilarious new collection of observations, Cosby brings us more of his wonderful and wacky insights into the human condition that are sure to become classics. The doctor of comedy holds forth on everything from a game show contestant's confusing origins to a grandchild with a Godzilla infatuation, to his first love Bernadette, and many more delightful digressions.

Kris Jenner . . . and All Things Kardashian
In this thoughtful, candid, and no-nonsense memoir, Kris Jenner is an open book about the good times and the rough patches. She shares the reality of living her hectic life in the celebrity spotlight, touching on topics that will resonate with women everywhere--love, loss, marriage, divorce, motherhood, and faith. Kris talks about her marriages to Olympic champion Bruce Jenner and Robert Kardashian, the late father of her four oldest children--and how it was Bruce who finally helped end the Kardashians' messy divorce so they could all move forward as a family. She writes with candor and vivid insider detail about her close friendships with Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson, as well as Nicole's murder, its aftermath, and the infamous trial. She also puts her oftencontroversial parenting style under the microscope as she relates the details of her decision to make her charming family into an international brand with a blockbuster reality television franchise.

This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House
Growing up poor in the segregated South, Cain describes how he pulled himself out of the depths of poverty and became successful the old-fashioned way. His strong beliefs and values have helped him in his career and personal life, and he reveals his self-made secrets in this memoir.

How to Talk about Hot Topics on Campus: From Polarization to Moral Conversation

Fills a gap in the student services and teaching and learning literature by providing a resource that shows how to construct and carry out difficult conversations from various vantage points in the academy. It offers a theory-to-practice model of conversation for the entire college campus that will enable all constituencies to engage in productive and civil dialogue on the most difficult and controversial social, religious, political, and cultural topics."

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