Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surviving College

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ANNOTATION: From the day you set foot on campus until the day you wear a cap and gown, get advice from a source you can trust: the expert team of all-star college students and recent grads behind U Chic. This indispensable college resource has everything you need to know, including: Getting Started,Sharing Space, Healthy and Happy, Sorority Chic, Love Life, and Head of the Class. This book by Christie Garton is the complete guide for any girl looking to live a fabulous college life!

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ANNOTATION: How to Survive Your Freshman Year is jammed-packed with fun tips and short, entertaining stories from student peers on everything from what to take to college, the pros and cons of living on campus and off, best times and places to study, getting along with roommates, dating, partying, and making friends for life. The book’s short and funny, real-world tips from other college students makes it an entertaining and quick read.

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ANNOTATION: Mixing practical counsel with witty insights, he instructs prospective college freshmen on the real deal about class enrollment, dorm selection, living on campus, roommates, study habits, distractions, and grade stress. A little treasure for worried teens.

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ANNOTATION: Student to Student is a collection of reflections that takes an honest look at the most common pitfalls and opportunities that life on campus affords. Written by college students from over 20 Christian and secular institutions, each entry opens a window into real-life campus experiences.

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ANNOTATION: Dorm life offers you a great chance to meet new people and try new things. But leaving the comforts of home for the first time to enter the roommate-having, small-room-sharing,possibly-coed-bathroom-using world of the dorms can be overwhelming and intimidating.The College Dorm Survival Guide offers expert advice and the inside scoop on:

• Choosing the right residence hall for you

• Getting along with your roommate (and handling conflict)

• Bathroom, laundry, and dining hall survival

• Dealing with stress, depression, and safety issues

From avoiding the dreaded Freshman 15 to decorating your space, this informative and funny guide gives experts' advice on everything you need to know to enjoy dorm living to the fullest.

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