Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Overcoming Life's Disappointments

Rabbi Harold Kushner writes in his book, Overcoming Life’s Disappointments (296.74 K970), Moses triumphs were spectacular, but his frustrations and disappointments must have been searing. How did he do what he did? What depth of faith enabled him to cope with the disappointments? What can we learn from his story so that we too can do meaningful things in our own lives? "Will we, like Moses, be able to hear the commanding voice of God in the bleakest of surroundings, summoning us to be more than we ever thought we could and promising to be with us as we try to do that? And will we, like Moses, have the devotion to pick up the broken pieces of our most cherished dreams and carry them with us as we face our future?"

If you are looking for a book to help you deal successfully with disappointments in your life, try this book. Through the life of Moses, Kushner proves that we can overcome life's disappointments. This book is inspiring and offers spiritual wisdom.

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